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Samsung Magician is a tool developed by Samsung, to make it easier and simpler for users to use Samsung’s storage drives. This tool allows us to perform simple operations such as updating the firmware, as well as other advanced features including setting specific configurations according to user needs, setting drive performance levels. …

And in the latest version, Samsung Magician is also equipped with the RAPID feature, taking advantage of up to 1GB of system RAM to buffer frequently used data streams to increase performance.

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Samsung magician software to check warranty and provide other useful features for genuine Samsung SSD

When the download is complete, proceed with the installation as usual, then launch the application, Samsung Magician will display information about the existing Samsung drive in the system.



Samsung Magician interface

At this screen you can also check SMART data of the drive at the “SMART” button in the upper right corner.


Check drive data with SMART . feature

The Magician application also comes with a drive management section that allows users to check performance, optimize performance, update software.

Item Performance Benchmark allows users to directly test Samsung drive performance through 2 common parameters: random read/write and sequential read/write


Check the performance of the drive in use with Performance Benchmark

The next index is Performance Optimization that allows users to optimize drive performance. However, starting from Windows 8 onwards, the TRIM feature is automatically enabled, so systems using Windows 10 will not be able to use this feature.


Performance Optimization feature helps optimize the drive

Firmware Update: Magician will check the available firmware version of the drive and with the latest version on Samsung’s system servers so that the latest firmware update notifications if available to the user.


Update the latest Firmware to update new features

Besides that, Samsung Magician also provides many ways for users to choose in optimizing the operating system so that Samsung drives can work better. Users can choose the method of maximum performance, optimal capacity or improve system reliability and stability, or you can also adjust the settings manually with the Advanded tab.


Increase drive performance with OS Optimization

Another index in Systeme Management will increase drive performance is Over Provisioning. Users can rely on Samsung recommendations to allocate excess quotas or manually adjust metrics.

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Next, Samsung Magician allows users to erase or refresh their drive as it came out of the factory with the Secure Erase feature.


Restore to original state with Secure Erase

It should be noted that when using this feature the drive will return to its original state, so any deleted data cannot be recovered.

RAPID Mode: A feature that allows to take advantage of 1GB of system RAM to cache frequently used data streams. Enabling the RAPID Mode feature reduces read performance a bit, but it speeds up sequential writes up to 4x and random writes up to 2x compared to not enabling the feature.


Rapid Mode Advanced Drive Acceleration

And finally, the Data Security feature increases data security for each drive, each data security level.


Enhanced security with Data Security

If you have any difficulties during use, please contact our customer service staff via chatbox or hotline for fast and best support.

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