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What is Risk? To outsiders, this is a rather unfamiliar term. In fact, Risk is the term for risk. Risks in general can appear in any industry or field. In this article, we would like to share what the term Risk is in the business field.

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Learn What is Risk?

What is Risk?According to the orthodox definition of Risk – Risk is the result of a business at present or in the future that some things will happen differently than previously expected. In other words, the result is not as expected. This difference creates a risk. Because the business-investment world they think that with things that cannot be controlled or foreseen is the nature of risk.

To measure Risk, people often use a statistical quantity whose purpose is to calculate the distance of the data point. Commonly used statistic types are standard deviation and variance.


Risk is a term for risk

Risk in speculation is related to the possibility of loss, profit and depends on the success or failure of financial and commercial business projects. Banks when lending must also accept risks, be repaid or default. Investors are also not out of Risk. What is Risk?? For investors, it is “risk capital” if the investments face a significant risk. Pure risk takes place only possibility of losing. In the field of insurance, risk is pure, not speculative as many people think.

Risk often comes in the context of a business wanting to implement a certain project. It can be a change in processes, strategies, etc. Risks may also exist outside the system.

Risks that may arise in business

What is Risk?? In business, risks can arise in any industry or field. Examples are as follows:Strategic risk: It is the threat to the plans, strategies, projects of the company or enterprise when conducting business.Systemic risk: Unintentional errors, weaknesses, and errors in software solutions arise.Process Risk: Disruption, delay in businessRisks of regulatory compliance: Conflict with the provisions of the law.

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Security risk: May threaten the security of a computer network or data is transmitted out.Financial risk: It can cause companies and businesses to lose a large amount of assets.


Risk is always present in business

Risks can arise even in projects. It could be about people, partnerships or technology.

Personnel risk: The project may change, this leads to the project being delayed, not meeting the requirements in terms of schedule.Risks in cooperation: Maybe some parties do not cooperate and create conditions, causing difficulties for the project. Typically, it causes difficulties in approving documents, official dispatches, project acceptance time, etc.Technological risks: Causing unnecessary conflicts with infrastructure, ..

How to manage Risk effectively?

As a project manager, a business analyst, you need to understand What is Risk? as well as how to manage risk. This is necessary because Risk can cause your company and business to lose. Both the project manager and the business analyst must identify risks throughout the life of the project. Pay attention to the risks to watch for:


It is necessary to manage the risk effectively, the probability of the risk occurring, the degree of impact of the risk once it occurs, the methods and strategies to prevent the risk from occurring, the identification of the risk owner, and the planning and strategies. strategy to mitigate risk once it occurs.

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Here is the answer article What is Risk? and basic knowledge related to Risk. Hopefully through this article you will understand more about this term. Good luck.

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