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Learning is the way to receive knowledge that any citizen has the right to go to school. “Study, study more, study forever” – the learning path always lasts endlessly until later when you go to work, get married and have children, the learning process still doesn’t stop. Just like that, people always value their children’s education, because no matter what, learning is for their future self. But unfortunately, a large part of students today choose for themselves the opposing method of learning, learning in the “unlucky” style. That is the state of “studying the cabinet”, learning to focus on a piece of content in the hope of getting into that part of the test. “Rote learning” is learning to take letters, learn to mumble and learn in a cliché.

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What is the status of “study cabinet”?

Studying cabinets is learning selectively the knowledge that students consider important and necessary to take the test. This way of learning is risky and has great consequences if students guess the wrong part of the test.

What is the status of “rote learning”?

This practice often occurs in elementary, middle, and high school students. Rote learning is learning mechanically, learning in a cliché, learning for a while and then forgetting immediately. Learn like a parrot, repeating words over and over without understanding what it says.

Causes of the two states of “cabinet learning” and “rote learning”


Study pressure from family

Parents all want their children to study well and get good results, invisibly putting general pressure on students to study.

The educational program is rigid, dry and overloaded

Subjects such as history, geography or other related subjects are dry and students feel that they will not be of any use to them in the future, so they do not feel the need to study them.

What are the consequences of the situation of “cabinet learning” and “rote learning”?


Although the two ways of learning above are different in terms of learning methods, they both lead to a result that students have a distorted learning style in both methods and thinking. Study for yes, study for grades, for achievements. And this learned knowledge will often quickly disappear after a short time, leaving nothing behind.

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The “rote learning” will make students not sure of the knowledge, not know how to apply it in practice. The “study cabinet” will not capture the full and comprehensive knowledge, but only partially.

Studying only to get achievements, without having anything in mind, later on, no matter where he works, he will not be able to succeed.

Therefore, from now on, students from the time they sit at school need to have a sense of direction and direction for the future, determine their behavior, their desires, and then make efforts to realize their goals. present that future.

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