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What is support? This may be a familiar concept to some, but to most it is still confusing. Today we will learn what this term means and how to use them in different career fields.

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What is Support?

Support in English means support, help. We can use this word flexibly in work and in life to ask for help or offer to help others with things that they or we are not able to complete on our own.

Common use cases of the word Support

Support appears in many different professions, fields and activities. In addition, we can meet support in a variety of situations and purposes.

Support is often used by us as a verb in speech and writing when communicating with people.

In addition, support also comes with professional nouns such as IT Support commonly found in the information technology industry, Financial Support is a position in the financial industry, Sales support appears in the business development segment. Support here is a support position, an assistant for key positions in the corporate organizational structure.

Some of the more unusual areas where support appears are music and games. As you can see, Support breath and support laryngeal muscle in the field of music are considered as a standard for evaluating vocals and how singers use their vocal support techniques. In the game, we have Support Games only one position, the role in which the player assumes the task of supporting his teammates, making an important contribution to the victory of the whole team.

Support’s role in today’s industries

In most industries, support is playing an important role in the operation of organizations and businesses. Because any professional position needs a support position to promote activities and complete work. For example, the position of Sales Support or sales support staff is the person responsible for supporting the sales work of sales and customer service staff, providing product documents and answering questions. infected. This work aims to help the development of the business progress smoothly and bring sustainable efficiency. Some common tasks of this position such as reminding customers, reminding technical staff, sending reports…

Although they do not hold the main professional positions, but as mentioned in the What is Support section, Support staff still have important contributions. They contribute to the preparation and implementation according to the outlined plan smoothly and achieve the desired results. This may not be a very important position, but it is indispensable in any business that conducts sales activities.

Companies and businesses will not be able to thrive without customer support staff to answer questions when customers have problems that they do not understand, or advise customers when they have needs. demand for a product or service. Or as simple as playing a game, you will not be able to win without someone to support you in blood transfusion or attack with you, especially in high-team games.

What are the main duties of support staff?

Most technical support jobs will be similar to the position they support, but with more variety and flexibility.

With Sales Support:

– Calling and listening to customers’ phones to advise and answer questions, handle problems arising when using products and services of customers;

Providing information and documents about products to support sales staff in the process of offering products and services;

– Reporting, summarizing, drafting documents and contracts;

– Notify, contact, remind sales staff and customers when problems arise.

In short, as a Sales Supporter, your job is similar to an office administrative staff. The purpose is to support the business to be promoted, increase profits and strengthen the trust of customers in the brand of the company, their business.

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With IT Support:

– Identify hardware and software solutions;

– Fix technical problems;

– Diagnosing and fixing errors;

– Solve network problems;

– Install and configure hardware and software;

– Replace or repair necessary parts;

– Support to deploy new applications;

– Provide support in the form of procedural documents;

– Testing and evaluating new technology;

Conduct electrical safety checks of equipment.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a support staff?


– You will have the opportunity to learn knowledge and skills from experts in the field you are supporting. From there, have a better overview of the profession, have more experience to develop more.

– Directly communicating with customers will help you gain communication, persuasion, listening and problem solving skills.

– Have the opportunity to learn about different jobs, from which can suggest new ideas to develop the company’s products or services.


– Because it is to support colleagues and customers, if you are not skillful, you will offend everyone. It is also because of this that the team will lose unity, the company may lose customers and its reputation will be reduced.

– Working time will not be stable because you have to deal with the problem whenever it happens. And there are times when many departments need to support at the same time, so you need to arrange the time and convince people to cooperate with you.

What are the required qualities of a support staff?

Because they have to exchange information with many departments and including customers, support staff need to be able to communicate and understand the problems of the parties well.

Moreover, they also need to be able to handle situations quickly and flexibly. To satisfactorily solve problems that occur with customers as well as between departments.

Independence, initiative and high self-discipline are the most important factors for a support staff to do their job well without the need for coordination or guidance from other positions.

The ability to work under pressure is a requirement of all positions, but support-related positions will be subject to pressure from many different sides. So the heat resistance also needs to be many times higher.

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Currently, the demand for personnel in the support field is quite high. If you aspire to become a support worker, hopefully the information on what support is and the skills required for this position will be useful to you.

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