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Faced with problems with damaged skin, many people are worried when choosing a safe and suitable beauty method for themselves. Peeling skin is not really a new method, but it is trusted by many people. So, what exactly is a skin peel? Should Skin Peel? To answer these questions, please follow the article below

What is skin peel?

Skin Peel – also known as Chemical Peel – is a beauty method that uses natural compounds that have a strong impact on the surface of the skin, helping to remove dead skin cells and bacteria, dirt located deep under the pores. Peel skin has the effect of stimulating peeling skin cells, creating new, brighter skin and reducing wrinkles.

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According to the human biological cycle, damaged skin cells are replaced by new skin cells every 28 days. The essence of Skin Peel is to use active ingredients such as Salicylic acid and Glycolic acid to promote skin turnover and new skin cell regeneration. Because of the use of natural chemical active ingredients, Peeling is a method that requires the operator to have knowledge and experience to bring about the desired results.


Peel skin gives you acne-free skin – translucent dark – pink white

Peel technology works:

Gathering acne, hidden acne, acne on the skin will emerge, peel off, remove the damaged cell layer. Rejuvenate the skin and fix the damage of the previous skin. Bring bright, smooth, white skin .Even skin tone.Support treatment of melasma, dark spots, large pores.

Commonly used active ingredients in skin peels

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA): Is one of the group of natural water-based acids and is extracted from food. Typically, Glycolic Acid is extracted from sugar cane, Latic Acid is extracted from yogurt, Citric Acid is found in citrus fruits, Malic Acid is found in apples, Tartaric Acid is taken from grapes, … AHA has the effect of exfoliating, supporting melasma and skin lightening, acne, acne scars, so AHAs are present in most cosmetics.Salicylic Acid (BHA): SA, also known as BHA – Beta Hydroxyl Acid, is an oil-based acid. In medicine, SA is used like Aspirin for the purpose of anti-inflammatory, reducing swelling. Or more closely, SA can be found in topical pain relievers like Salonpas or as a treatment for mouth ulcers. In cosmetics, because of its oil-based properties, SA easily penetrates the pores, breaks down dead cells that stick together and removes clogged sebum while controlling excess oil.Tricloacetic Acid (TCA): Is a form of organic acid that helps to regenerate new skin structure. TCA can be used in different concentrations for different treatment purposes such as Medium Peel to Deep Peel. TCA is especially effective in skin rejuvenation, wrinkles and skin pigmentation.Retinol: Is a derivative of Vitamin A, helps treat acne, reduce oil, tighten pores, rejuvenate skin.Jessner: A combination of Alpha, Beta Hydroxies and Resorcinol, highly effective in treating acne.

Peel skin has how many levels?

1. Shallow Peel

This is the lightest level of facial Peel, Peel chemicals will act on the top layer of the epidermis to help remove dead cells. This level is painless and also has little effect because it only removes the dead layer of skin cells.

If you choose this level, it will only bring clean skin, low whitening effect, but there are Highly effective for those who want to treat acne Because acne spots will pop up, you just need to gently wash your face or take a medical acne core to treat acne effectively.

2. Middle Peel

At this level of peel, the active ingredients will penetrate to the deepest layer of the epidermis. The epidermis is responsible for the moist or dry, cracked, rough, primary color of the skin. After a few days, the dead cells are removed, gradually sloughed off and your skin will form a new layer of skin.

If you have a need to Peel white skin, you should choose this level because it is common This is the level with whitening effect fastest and most efficient.

3. Deep Peel

Deep facial peel affects the dermis layer of the skin. This is the layer related to the formation of wrinkles, thinness, thickness, and tension of the skin. There are problems stemming from the dermis but affecting the epidermis such as acne, oil imbalance on the skin, pitted scars, etc. Deep peels often work to treat many problems such as: large pores, Wrinkles, acne, dark spots, skin whitening,…

However, for this level of facial Peel, it requires that your skin is not too irritated and sensitive, and at the same time must be examined and prescribed by a dermatologist Newly made Peel.

Advantages of the skin peel method

1. Treatment of acne on the skin

With a combination of pharmaceutical substances capable of killing acne-causing bacteria, Peel skin works to treat all types of acne, prevent acne recurrence, and regenerate skin cells quickly.

2. Treat acne micro lesions on the surface of the skin, leaving no scars

Thanks to the ability to break down damaged cells by causing micro-injury on the skin surface (at a safe level), stimulate acne, promote strong collagen production from within, Peel skin helps Acne treatment and filling previous lesions without leaving scars, even Peel skin helps to remove dark spots most clearly and quickly compared to conventional treatments.

3. No pain

Peeling skin only feels a little stinging or red, burning, does not need anesthesia. These symptoms only appear when the peel is about 5-10 minutes, then you will be soothed by applying ice immediately after the peel.

4. Short course of treatment

Compared with conventional acne treatments, Peel skin brings faster results, shorter treatment courses. For mild acne, the Peel process is about 2-3 times, severe acne cases need to be treated 5-7 times for perfect results. Recovery time after each treatment is about 7-10 days, depending on the location.

5. No downtime

The ingredients used are completely natural, so it does not cause skin irritation, does not cause swelling, inflammation, after treatment you do not need to spend much time resting.

6. Lasting effect

After Peeling skin combined with a scientific skin care regimen, you will maintain beautiful, smooth white skin.

Disadvantages of Peel skin method

Besides the above advantages, the Peel skin method still has some disadvantages:

If you do not choose a reputable skin care facility, it will be difficult to bring about the desired effect, even making the skin condition worse than the original. It is easy to cause “addiction” because peels bring quick results with low cost. . Therefore, there are many cases of Peeling skin as a routine routine to remove the smallest defects on the skin. However, overusing Peel skin “bluff” will greatly affect skin health.

At O2 SKIN Dermatology Clinic, you will be examined by a specialist doctor who will determine whether to Peel or not and how many times to apply it to ensure safe and healthy skin.

Effectiveness of skin peel in acne treatment

Peel skin has the effect of treating acne based on the principle of biological skin peeling under the action of acids:

Peel has the ability to deep clean dead cells, help the skin surface to be clear, not clogged with oil and dirt (the main cause of acne). acne, causing the development of acne to take place faster. Then, these acne kernels will be pushed to the surface of the skin (supporting the process of getting effective acne). Finally, the nutrients contained in the acne. Peel active ingredients will help shrink pores, strengthen skin structure, promote the formation of a new layer of acne-free, healthy and more even-toned skin.

Cases that should be done Peel skin

Peel skin applies to most subjects, both men and women experiencing the following cases:

Acne skin: Hidden acne, cystic acne, blackheads, dark skin, … Oily skin, large pores. Melasma, dark spots, dark scars. Uneven skin color, sunburn.

Note: You should use a combination of safe skin care products with natural extracts to minimize the case of skin irritation after Peel.


Cases that should not be done Peel skin

The following cases are recommended by dermatologists not to Peel the skin:

People who are taking Accutane within 6 months. People who are suffering from skin diseases such as: psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, rosacea. People who are taking oral medicinal products or skin care products containing Retin A. Renova.People who are using products containing Vitamin C, other acids or skin lightening agents within 48 hours.

Can pregnant women Peel the skin?

During pregnancy, hormonal changes make the skin dark, melasma, acne or many other problems, making mothers struggle to know which skin care method is effective and safe. choba. Although Peeling skin is considered a safe method of skin care, mothers need to absolutely note the following points to ensure safety for the fetus:

Peeling uses two chemical compounds Salicylic Acid (BHA) and Glycolic Acid (AHA) to Peeling in which:

Salicylic Acid (BHA) has the same origin as AspirinIn the case of Peeling skin at beauty salons and spas, doctors Peel skin with Salicylic Acid (BHA) with the same concentration as high-dose Aspirin, both of these ingredients cause birth defects if used in pregnant women. high concentration. So moms have to special note. BHA concentration less than 2% Although it is still considered safe, mothers are still better to avoid.Instead, Pregnant women can use AHA (Glycolic Acid) considered safe for pregnant women. However, it is still recommended to use with a concentration of 10% or less, Do not peel skin with high concentration of AHAacne medications have the above two ingredients Use only concentrations below 2%.with skin whitening products with AHA, must choose the type with concentration below 10% and not be used for a long time.

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During pregnancy, it is best for mothers not to go to unreputable beauty spas to avoid unfortunate risks. Instead, choose places with dermatology specialists, highly qualified doctors to take care of the skin, to have beautiful skin with peace of mind, and to ensure the health of both mother and baby.

Medical standard acne skin peeling process

Peeling It is a process that requires expertise and experience of the operator. At O2 SKIN, in addition to professionalism, Peel is also performed according to the following medical standards:

Step 1: Cleanse the skin

Use makeup remover and cleanser specifically for acne skin to remove dirt from the skin. This is an extremely important first step no matter what treatment you use. When the skin is clean, no longer clinging to dirt, it will be easier to absorb nutrients.

Step 2: Take photos of customers to save for effective tracking

Before entering the intensive treatment steps, customers will be photographed face angles to save as medical records. This step also helps doctors keep track of how your treatment is progressing.

Step 3: Prepare sterilized instruments

The nurse will prepare the peeling tools and active ingredients as prescribed by the doctor. All these tools are guaranteed to be sterilized to avoid causing unwanted complications

Step 4: Apply Benpathen to sensitive skin

Since this is an acid treatment, some sensitive areas need to be protected. The nurses will apply Benpathen to the skin around the eyes, corners of the nose, corners of the mouth to avoid acid impact on these skin areas.

Step 5: Apply the peel product to the skin

Apply the peel solution to the skin in order of forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. This is an intensive treatment step to help you get rid of acne effectively.

Step 6: Neutralize the skin

After the peel, the nurse will use a soft gauze soaked in Aloe Neutralizer solution to wipe away the peel product. The purpose of this step is to make the skin feel more comfortable.

Step 7: Soothe the skin

Usually, when you have just finished a peel, your skin will feel a little burning and stinging, so customers will be given a cold towel to cool and soothe the skin.

Step 8: Clean the skin after peel

Facial skin is cleaned with cold water.

Step 9: Apply moisturizing HA (Hyaluronic Acid)

Apply HA products to the peeled skin to create moisture and balance the skin.

Step 10: Apply sunscreen

As the final step in the procedure to protect the skin against harmful UV rays and to prevent skin irritation.

Should Skin Peel?

Peel skin is a method that has been applied by dermatologists around the world to treat many cases of damaged skin due to acne, scars, dark spots, … and brings high efficiency.

In essence, Skin Peel helps to treat problems of damaged skin safely and quickly, leaving no complications. Thus, to treat acne-free skin, fade dark spots and whiten skin, Peel skin is an almost perfect method.

However, a good method needs to be applied and implemented by a knowledgeable and skilled person. Ignorance will lead to dire consequences.

Question Should I peel the skin? depends a lot on objective factors, so before you peel your skin you should note:

1. Skin condition before doing Peel

If your skin encounters such damage problems, you should perform a peel. Note, before deciding to peel, you need to consult a dermatologist, examine and examine your skin to know if your skin condition should peel or not.

2. Skin care after Peel

Peeling skin is effective or not depends largely on the regimen Skin care after Peel your. After the peel, the skin is not strong enough to withstand the bad effects of the external environment, if you can’t avoid the sun for your skin, don’t moisturize and shield your skin, you should not peel the skin.

3. Should Peel Skin at Home?

A method to achieve high efficiency needs to be treated in the right place, in the right place. You should only Peel when you choose a reputable peeling facility, a qualified and skilled doctor, because the compounds used to peel are acids, if you don’t know how to prepare the right dosage, it will lead to skin burns, permanent scarring. If you do a peel at home, you need to learn about this method carefully, have a clear understanding, and use a safe peel compound with a clear origin.

Improperly performing at-home peels or choosing unqualified medical facilities, will lead to injuries such as:

Pitted scars Darker skin, more severe acne, Outbreaks, Exudation, Dermatitis

The most important thing is that you should find medical facilities to be safe for your health and get the skin you want.

4, Note when choosing a reputable Skin Peel facility

Choosing a reputable facility is an important factor that determines the effectiveness of the peel. To know a reputable peel address, you need to answer the following 5 questions:

Is the medical facility registered and licensed to operate? Does the facility have a Dermatologist to examine and treat you directly? Does the medical facility meet medical standards? Does the health facility have a pharmacy that meets GPP standards? Is it honest about the results and treatment time? (not exaggerating, or the PR is not true).

Today, it is not difficult for you to choose a place to treat acne and beautify your skin, but most importantly, you should carefully research a medical facility that meets medical standards.

In Ho Chi Minh City, O₂ SKIN is a licensed medical facility with standard medical procedures. At the same time, when you come to O₂ SKIN to visit, you will be examined and consulted by a dermatologist with experience in acne treatment for free.

Notes after doing Peel skin

After Peeling the skin, there are a few principles that you should keep in mind to keep your skin beautiful for a long time:

Avoid the sun: Avoiding the sun is the first and most important note after doing a peel. Because the skin is still young and weak, it will be easily affected by the negative effects of the sun, and at the same time affect the peeling effect.Do not pry, remove grinding: This habit should be eliminated because prying and grinding when the skin is not ready to peel off will make the weak skin layer more affected by the external environment, affecting the skin’s resistance function.Use salt water to clean your face: It is recommended to use salt water instead of face wash, because the alkaline nature of the cleanser will reduce the effectiveness of Peel.Limit makeup: Makeup is the cause of clogged pores and acne formation. So in the period after Peel, the new skin is still sensitive, please limit makeup to protect the skin from acne-causing agents.Moisturizing skin, mineral spray: Newly flaky skin needs a lot of moisturizing. Use suitable, non-clogging moisturizers to avoid new acne formation, and a mineral spray that instantly hydrates the skin.

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How much does it cost at O₂ SKIN Peel?

Understanding the difficult problems that students – students are facing is that acne and dark skin occurs mostly in this group of people, along with their “specific” economic conditions. but O2 SKIN dermatology clinic always has a special price for students – students, helping you to always be confident, overcome the obsession of a skin with many defects.


Currently, at O₂ SKIN the cost of Peel skin for one time is as follows:

Subjects are Students – Students: VND 770,000 Objects of working people: VND 870,000

For details, see the table below:


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