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stir /stə:/ noun (slang) prison, prison stirring, agitationto give one”s coffee a stir: stir coffee moveno stir in the air: no wind at all gambling (firewood, making a big fire)to give the fire a stir: let the fire burn bigger uproar, uproar, uproarto make a stir: to cause a stir, to cause a stirfull of stir and movement: bustle transitive verb stir, stirto stir tea: stir tea water to move, to movenot a breath stir the leaves: there is no wind to move the branches chess (firewood)to stir the fire: gather firewood for a big fire ((usually) + up) excite, incite, provocative, instigate; causeto stir someone’s blood: to stir up someone’s enthusiasm (desire)to stir someone”s wrath: to provoke someone’s angerto stir up curiosity: to arouse curiosityto stir up dissensions: to cause disagreement journalize can be stirred to move, to move, to stirhe never stirs out of the house: it never goes out of the househe is not stirring yet: it hasn’t woken up yetto stir one”s stumps (colloquial) three legs four legs


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WordNet Dictionary


set into a usually circular motion in order to mix or blend


emotional engagement and excitement


move an implement through with a circular motion

stir the soup

stir my drink

mix or add by stirring

Stir nuts into the dough

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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

stirs|stirred|stirringsyn.: affect agitate blend budge combine disquiet disturb excite jumble merge mix mix move move perturb rouse scramble shake troubleant.: still


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