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Strongbow is a name that is no longer strange to young Vietnamese today. This is a very popular drink at parties and festivals. So what is Strongbow? Let’s go to find out more details together!


Strongbow fermented drink

What is Strongbow?

Strongbow Cider, also known as Apple Cider, is an alcoholic beverage fermented from fruit, the main ingredient is apples. Strongbow has been manufactured by HP Bulmer in the UK since 1962.

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Strongbow is an alcoholic drink, naturally fermented from fruit, not beer, nor wine.

What flavors does Strongbow have?


What flavors does Strongbow have?

Strongbow Gold

Strongbow Gold has the original apple flavor with a mild sweetness with a refreshing aftertaste.

Strongbow Elderflower

Strongbow Elderflower combines the taste of apple with the fresh scent of Elders flowers, giving people a feeling of freshness and excitement.

Strongbow Honey

Strongbow Honey has a rich, sweet honey flavor that blends with the flavors of a variety of apples to create a familiar, refreshing taste with fruity and sweet honey flavors.

Strongbow Red Berries

Strongbow Red Berries is Strongbow’s most sophisticated intense flavor. A combination of apple flavors with pomegranate, raspberry, currant and red strawberry. All flavors blend together to create a special drink.

Strongbow Dark Fruit

Strongbow Dark Fruit brings the sweetness of apple mixed with the sour taste of black currant and black carrot for a slightly acrid taste at first but then sweet, cool and pleasant aroma.

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What is Strongbow’s alcohol content?

Strongbow is a fermented drink with a low alcohol content of 4.5 – 5% compared to other drinks such as beer with an alcohol content of 4.5 – 7%, wine with an alcohol content of 12.5 – 14.5%, rice wine from 18 to 20%, vodka from 35% to 50%.


Strongbow has a low alcohol content

Is drinking Strongbow healthy?

Strongbow is extracted from natural fruit juice, so it has a lot of vitamins, minerals and no preservatives. The average amount of calories is about 100 kcal / 1 bottle, if used in the right dosage, it will not harm your health.

Daily, for women should use 1 glass, for men, use 2 cups will give you rosy, youthful, smooth, shiny skin.

Drinking Strongbow is drunk?

Strongbow has a sweet taste, easy to drink but is essentially a fermented drink with low alcohol content. If you drink a lot, you can still get drunk like when you drink beer or wine. If you drink it in moderation and combine it with dishes, it will help stimulate the taste buds, making the meal more delicious.


Today’s popular fermented drink

Some issues to note when drinking Strongbow:

Children under 18 years of age and pregnant women should not drink Strongbow. If you drink Strongbow in large doses, your body will be intoxicated like alcohol, so don’t forget to not drive with a high concentration in your body. alcohol.Do not drink more than 3 bottles/day to avoid harm to health. Only drink at lunch and dinner to support digestion. Do not drink in the morning on an empty stomach, otherwise it will affect the stomach, causing intestinal and digestive diseases. In addition, when taking Strongbow you should not eat too much food, because when in the blood there are Alcohol calories will not be absorbed, the amount of grease will accumulate, affecting health.

How much does a bottle of Strongbow cost?

Strongbow is sold at most convenience stores and supermarkets across the country. The selling price of Strongbow 330ml bottle is about 18,000 VND / 1 bottle. The 330ml can cost about 20,000 VND / 1 can.

In addition, you can also order online at e-commerce platforms to enjoy more discounts.

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Surely you no longer wonder what Strongbow is, right? Strongbow is now gradually becoming an indispensable drink in gatherings and parties. This drink enhances the taste when enjoying dishes with a sweet taste that is easy to drink and suitable for many people. However, you should only drink in moderation with this alcoholic drink.

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