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sway /swei/ noun swinging, swaying domination; powerto hold (have) sway over somebody: to rule over someone journalize swinging, swaying rule, rule transitive verb make swing, shakewind sways trees: the wind swings the tree rule, rule have influencehis speech swayed votes: his speech influenced the vote (past participle) to have a sagging back (horse)to sway the sceptre dominate
oscillation bar or stabilizer: oscillating bar bar or stabilizer o swaying The horizontal motion of the entire ship at sea.


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Collocation Dictionary

sway verb

1 from side to side/backwards and forwards

ADV. gently, lightly, a little, slightly | alarmingly, dangerously, precariously The stage swayed alarmingly under their weight. | dizzily, drunkenly, unsteadily | back and forward, backwards and forwards, from side to side The cow”s udder swayed from side to side as she walked along.

VERB + SWAY begin to

PREP. print The curtains swayed gently in the breeze.

2 influence sb/sth

ADV. easily He will not easily be swayed by argument.

WordNet Dictionary

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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

sways|swayed|swayingsyn.: affect control influence lurch move persuade pitch prejudice reel rock roll rule swing toss


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