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By now, readers of love stories must have been familiar with the teenfic genre. Teenfic is not only known by many people because of its fantasy, but it is also dedicated to a genre by many websites, moreover, many young authors fully understand and recognize this genre.

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Is Teenfic really as bad as we “older” always think?

Many of you are probably familiar with the two characters Bang and Phong, the teenfic legend appearing in Chi Chan’s book Dark Angel. Two characters are carried around the forums with “terrible” profiles: a hybrid of 5 bloodlines, IQ 300, a student and also an assassin, the boss…

The exaggeration of background, character talent as well as a series of other illogical details are the characteristics used to distinguish teenfic from other genres, but few people know that teenfic is the childhood of many generations of teenagers. 8x-9x teen years, moreover there are authors who are licensed to publish those teenfic titles themselves, Dark Angel is a good example, besides there are Young Master’s Girlfriend, Love Shock … and many other titles.


Currently, the characters of the story are copied by many young people or even an interesting topic to write parody, thanks to that, we have many works with strong satire as well as unbelievable illogical.

I don’t know if you’ve ever read a teenfic, but for me, it’s a part of my childhood, the time when I was in middle school and reading teenfic on Zing forum was one of the unforgettable times, It helps me dream, practice writing, projecting my thoughts out in words and I think that’s also the way of life of a whole generation of people like me.

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To say teenfic is a bad thing, I think it’s a path you should go through once in your life, to experience, to be happy and sad, to dream.

Dreaming is everyone’s prerogative, but dream to release your heart and grow up day by day

The teenfic world is a place that everyone and especially those full of dreams, they must experience once in their life.

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Real life is extremely hard, difficult and challenging, so if you have never dreamed you will not realize the soft corners of life. Everyone has to grow up, we are always forced to grow up but we were never taught how to dream so teenfic was once a place to stay. A place full of emotions like no other, so I grew up with a dreamy, emotional and loving soul.


Having said that, for me teenfic is something that has special meaning, and I also believe it has the same role for a lot of people. Such an interesting world, why not step through it once in your life? Once reading Bang and Phong, once laughing and crying with the character, once writing silly and silly things in the eyes of others, so what?


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