What is the action slogan of the student union congress term viii (2015 – 2018)?

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Closing of the 8th National Delegate Congress of the Vietnam Student Association Posted at 15:57, February 16, 2009 by Nam Van Chi

The 8th Congress (University) of delegates of the Vietnam Students’ Union closed in Hanoi on the afternoon of February 16, after 3 working days.

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Mr. Nguyen Dac Vinh – Chairman of the Association of Vietnamese Students, term VIII and President of the Association of Vietnamese Students, term VII, Ms. Lam Phuong Thanh
The University consulted to elect the Executive Committee (BCH) of the VIII Central Association, consisting of 89 people. At the first meeting held on the same day, the Central Committee of the Association elected a 27-member Secretariat. In which, Mr. Nguyen Dac Vinh – Secretary of the Central Committee of the Youth Union was elected President of the Central Association of Vietnamese Students; Mr. Nguyen Thanh Mai – Member of Standing Committee of Central Youth Union, Standing Deputy Head of Youth Committee of Central Youth Union School continued to be elected as Standing Vice Chairman of Central Association; Mr. Ngo Duy Hieu – Standing Deputy Secretary of Thanh Doan Youth Union, Chairman of Hanoi Student Association; Luong Nguyen Minh Triet – Standing Deputy Secretary of Thanh Doan, Chairman of Student Association of Da Nang City; Le Quoc Phong – Deputy Secretary of Thanh Doan, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Student Association was elected as Vice President of the Association.

With the action slogan: “Learning – creating – integrating – developing”, in the 2009-2013 tenure, the University agreed to deploy the campaign “5 Good Students” with the following contents: good ethics. , good study, good physical strength, good skills, good integration. The university has launched among students and institutions the campaign “Building a friendly and healthy educational environment” with basic contents on all three aspects: pedagogical environment, natural environment, and environment. society. The campaign sets out 5 specific criteria groups: building a vibrant academic environment; associated with real life; clean green environment; no drugs and social evils; healthy entertainment.

On behalf of the delegates to the University, Khuong Minh Phuong (Hanoi Electricity University) read the letter from the University to members and students nationwide. In the letter, there is a paragraph: “In order to fulfill the noble responsibility and deserve the deep trust of the Party, State and people, the University calls on all students studying at home and abroad to promote the tradition the glorious system of Vietnamese students and the Vietnam Student Association, constantly studying and following Uncle Ho’s words; strive to emulate and train to achieve the title of “good student 5”; work together, unite, contribute wisdom and youth for the goal of a rich people, a strong country, a just, democratic and civilized society.

At the closing ceremony, the Central Association’s Secretariat awarded the emulation flags to 32 collectives with outstanding achievements in the Association’s work and the student movement for the 2003-2008 term.

* On the evening of the same day, at the Children’s Palace in Hanoi, thousands of students in the capital and other delegates participated in the festival and music exchange program to successfully celebrate the 8th National Congress of the Vietnam Student Association.

According to T. Hang (Thanh Nien)

On the afternoon of February 15, at four school sites, four group discussions took place at the same time. The discussion was lively, as the leader asked to speak up.


Lively exchange in the Student Congress

Three letters T

At the hall of National Economics University, the delegates discussed the topic “Student Union – Student’s Companion”.

Joining the conversation, friend Le Nha Phuong (National Economics University) always said: “Class 9X students need to be equipped with many other skills besides learning, are the traditional methods of operation of the Association still appropriate?”.

After Phuong, some of you took the report to prepare in advance, and heavily calculated “reporting of achievements”. Mr. Ngo Duy Hieu, Vice President of the Vietnam Student Association said frankly: “I suggest that the delegates focus on talking about operational solutions for the Association, even if they have not prepared a presentation.”

Immediately, delegate Nguyen Xuan Truong (Maritime University) always said: “I note that the Association not only accompanies students in their studies but must accompany students in the most everyday moments.

Union officials must know what students eat, play what, and what evils they have in order to have timely orientations. To do that, the Association’s staff should stretch themselves out, study together, eat together, play with students, especially listen to the opposing opinions and criticisms of students.

“In my opinion, Association officials must have three “Ts”: Mind – search and interaction”. The mind and scope of the Association’s staff are known, but the interaction between the Association and the students has been weak for a long time. A new class of students appeared with high levels of both academic and foreign language and computer skills. Will the Association’s staff keep up? If the Association’s cadres see that students are better than themselves, they must study and vice versa” – Delegate Giang Ngoc Phuong (HCMC) commented.

Scientific research is shelved

In the discussion topic “Study, creativity – the key to success” took place at Vietnam National University, Hanoi. Dang Thi Thuy, Vice President of Vinh University’s Student Union, opened the shop: “If you ask a common question to successful people, how did they do it, the same answer is thanks to study, practice and skill. power”.

So, how to learn and practice skills? The question raised by Thuy caused many delegates to argue that self-study and creative solutions in learning are the golden key to success.

Dang Tat Dung, a delegate from Ho Chi Minh City, gave a fact, through a survey, Dung said that up to 70 percent of scientific research works are related to issues in Vietnam.

100 percent of international students are eager to help with in-depth research and contribute research results to the country. However, the assessment of the application of these works in the country today is only encapsulated in three words “not effective”, because they are facing many barriers such as, the country’s infrastructure has not yet been applied, the certain indifference of the authorities concerned…

Most delegates expect students to have their own forum and website on scientific research issues to exchange expertise and expand exchanges at school, school, regional, national and international levels with students from other countries. , to learn new technology.

“Volunteer activities must go into depth to bring practical effects. And each school should build its own brand in volunteering activities.” (Nguyen Trieu Trung, HCMC)

According to Tu-Hieu-Ha-Yen (Tien Phong)


Association President:
Nguyen Dac Vinh

Born in 1972, hometown Nghe An, Assoc. – PhD in chemistry. He used to be the secretary of the National Union of Hanoi National University and was one of the 10 most typical young Vietnamese faces in 2006. At the 3rd Central Committee meeting, class 9 (July 2008), he was elected to hold the position of secretary. letter of Central Committee.

Permanent Vice President: Vu Thanh Mai

Born in 1973, hometown Nam Dinh, doctor of physics. Currently a member of the Standing Committee of the Central Youth Union, the Standing Vice Chairman of the Youth Committee of the Central Youth Union School, the Standing Vice President of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Students’ Union, term 7.

Vice president:
Ngo Duy Hieu

Born in 1973, hometown Thanh Hoa, master of law, senior political officer, member of the Executive Committee of the Central Committee of the Youth Union, permanent deputy secretary of the Hanoi Youth Union, vice president of the 7th session of the Vietnam Student Association, chairman of the Association. Student at Hanoi City.


Vice president:
Le Quoc Phong

Born in 1978, native of Hanoi, master of biology, senior political officer, member of the Executive Committee of the Central Committee of the Youth Union, deputy secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union, vice president of the 7th session of the Vietnam Students’ Union, President of the Student Union HCMC.

Vice President: Luong Nguyen Minh Triet

Born in 1976, hometown of Quang Nam, chemical engineer, studying at an advanced level in politics, permanent deputy secretary of Da Nang City Youth Union, vice president of the 7th Vietnam Student Association, chairman of the Da Nang City Student Association.

2- Vu Thanh Mai

3- Le Hoang Anh (1973 – deputy head of the Youth Department of Central Youth Union School)

4- Nguyen Binh Minh (1980 – Youth Department of Central Youth Union School)

5- Vy Tu Lieu (1973 – deputy head of the propaganda department of the Central Youth Union)

6- Pham Thi Phuong Chi (Deputy International Secretary of the Central Youth Union)

7- Le Thanh Ha (1970 – Deputy Editor of Student Newspaper – Hoa Hoc Tro)

8- Ngo Duy Hieu

9- Le Quang Dai (1978 – Hanoi School’s Experimental Average)

10- Nguyen Giao Linh – 1987 Student Association of Hanoi University of Science and Technology

11- Le Quoc Phong

12- Nguyen Thanh Doan (1978 – Vice President of Ho Chi Minh City Student Association)

13- Pham Dai Anh Tuan (1987 – President of the Student Association of Ho Chi Minh City University of Law)

14- Tran Thu Huong (1973 – President of Hai Phong City Student Association)

15- Luong Nguyen Minh Triet

16- Duong Xuan Hung (1971 – President of Thai Nguyen Provincial Student Association)

17- Kha Van Tam (1972 – President of Nghe An Student Association)

18- Bui Van Loi (1978 – President of Hue Student Association)

19- Trinh Thi Hue (1989 – Muong ethnic group – Northwestern University Student Association)

20- Pham Thanh Canh (1985 – Student Union of Quang Ninh University of Technology)

21- Bui Tien Thanh (1988 – Vice President of the Student Union of Hong Duc University, Thanh Hoa)

22- Le Thi Bien (1988 – Khanh Hoa Student Association)

23- Dinh Thi Thanh Nhan (1987 – Central Highlands University Student Association)

24- Le Son Quang (1982 – President of Lac Hong University Student Association)

25- Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao (1984 – Student at Can Tho University)

26- Nguyen Dinh Manh (1962 – deputy director of the Department of Student Affairs, Ministry of Education and Training)

27- Huynh Thi My Ha (1971 – President of Vinh Long Student Association)

Right after being elected president of the Vietnam Student Association for the 8th term, Mr. Nguyen Dac Vinh had a quick exchange with PV Tuoi Tre about the first jobs that he, the permanent staff and the secretariat will immediately start working on. :

– First of all, it is still how to smooth the resolution of the congress (University) with two major campaigns that the University voted for each institution and each student. Of course, for each locality, each school still has to be flexible and flexible, because the characteristics of the university-college sector are very difficult to standardize.

My opinion and the Executive Board of this term is still how to let the vitality of each action program spread into each member. If we only will, force, impose to have specific targets, it will inevitably lead to stiffness and paralysis.

* Sir, one of the limitations of the 7th term is slow to adapt to the life of the online community, while Vietnam’s Internet development speed is too fast?

– The specific steps I would like to ask for permission have not been announced because everything is being prepared. But soon the portal and a website that is both highly professional and universal will be launched. This website is not only a place to provide information, but also a forum, a communication portal of the central association with local associations and especially student associations of Vietnamese students in other countries.

But with a growing community of young netizens, we expect each member and staff of our association to first be a true citizen in the globalization trend and world nature. flat is more and more obvious. It is our members and officials who must bring the message and spirit of Vietnamese students to this world. Otherwise, we will be forever behind and behind in life!

* Sir, from university and pre-university forums, people still see that a part of students’ sense of initiative is not high, still looking forward to the government’s mechanisms, policies and budget?

– We call for a sense of initiative of each student before having to rely on a support from the state, from associations… The ability to self-advocacy is a decisive factor in each student’s own success. Friend.

* Having been a student, then teaching and then association work, surely you have a lot of advantages with audience outreach?

– 18 years of living in this environment, I think my biggest advantage with association work is the understanding, sympathy and sharing to the end with my students.

* A message you send to students across the country, as the new president of the association?

– I really hope in the spirit of solidarity, sharing, mutual affection and commitment to study and scientific research of Vietnamese students, that is my biggest dream, of the Executive Committee of this term!

* Thank you.

This afternoon, February 16, the closing session of the National Congress of the Vietnam Student Association took place at the Hanoi Friendship Cultural Palace. Mr. Nguyen Dac Vinh – Secretary of the Central Committee of the Youth Union was elected to hold the position of President of the Vietnam Student Union, term VIII.


Mr. Nguyen Dac Vinh was elected as the Chairman of the Vietnam Student Association, term VIII. After a serious working day, the Congress elected the Central Executive Committee of the Vietnam Student Association, term VIII, with 89 comrades. Mr. Nguyen Dac Vinh – Secretary of the Central Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, was elected to hold the position of President of the Vietnam Student Association.

The Vice Presidents of the VIII Association include:

Mr. Vu Thanh Mai – Member of Standing Committee of Central Youth Union, Standing Deputy Head of Youth Committee of Central Youth Union School; Mr. Ngo Duy Hieu – Member of the Executive Committee of the Central Youth Union, Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union, Chairman of the Hanoi Student Union; Mr. Le Quoc Phong – Member of the Executive Committee of the Central Youth Union, Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union, Chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City Student Union; Mr. Luong Nguyen Minh Triet – Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union, Chairman of the Student Union of Da Nang City.

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The congress also unanimously approved the goals, tasks and student movement for the period 2009 – 2013, with 5 basic contents.

Accordingly, with the spirit and slogan of Vietnamese Students: Learn, practice – create – integrate – developthere will be two campaigns for Vietnamese students: Student 5 good (good morals, good study, good fitness, good skills, good integration) and Student campaign to build a friendly and healthy educational environment.

The association will also focus on organizing 5 action programs, considering them as the basic solution in supporting, cheering, motivating, creating conditions and environments for students to strive and emulate.

These are the programs: Students practice ethics and behavior; Students learn and create; Student counseling and support; Volunteer student; Building a strong Vietnamese Student Association.

Contacting the press after the closing ceremony of the Congress, Mr. Nguyen Dac Vinh said: In the coming time, the Association’s staff must be excellent students to understand and firmly grasp the life of students.

Union officials will live with the same breath as students, organize movements with students, organize activities derived from the actual needs of students, etc. to pay more practical attention to the lives of intellectuals. young.

According to Tien Phong

The main theme of the 8th Vietnam Student Congress is: “Learning – Creativity – Integration – Development”. How to learn and create, what skills are needed to integrate and develop, the international student delegates to the university shared their experiences.

Tran Hai Linh- (Deputy from the Vietnamese Student Association in Korea, PhD student in information technology at Inha University)


Tran Hai Linh

Developing group thinking

Vietnamese students only do well in terms of learning and creativity, but not good in integration and development. To be more precise, you have not prepared yourself with the necessary skills to integrate.

Learning in groups, developing group thinking, is one of the important factors needed for students to integrate.

This I am well aware of when studying in Korea, through group discussions, students have pointed out each other’s shortcomings, supported each other and perfected. In addition, students need to improve their own knowledge. In the lecture hall, the lecturer is only a guide, suggesting students to research, students must be fully active to get results.

Nguyen Phuong Nhung (Delegate from the Vietnamese Student Association in Russia, Secretary of the Moscow Civil Aviation College’s Branch Secretary)


Nguyen Phuong Nhung

Share online

Vietnamese students are still shy, in order to overcome this situation, each student needs to actively live wider and build relationships right from the first year of university.

The spirit of sharing, which is a must-have element for each student to integrate and develop.

In my opinion, an online sharing model should be developed, where domestic students and Vietnamese students studying in other countries around the world can exchange and share with each other on topics, fields, skills and experience to integrate and develop together.

Overseas students can provide research resources or scholarship applications for domestic students…

Chu Hoang Long (Vietnamese Student Association Representative in Australia)


Zhou Huanglong

Self-study skills and self-application skills are necessary

Self-study skills and self-application skills, which are two skills required for students to integrate.

Vietnamese students are often known for their hard work and mastery of the theory, but they have not yet found a way to apply that theory into practice.

In order to develop more, in my opinion, each student needs to be autonomous in learning and promote applicability in each topic he/she studies.

According to Hai Yen (Tien Phong)

National Assembly Chairman NGUYEN PHU TRONG emphasized five issues for the work of the Association and the student movement in the coming time.:

* The association must become a close and reliable friend of students. The Association needs to go closely to, foster and raise political awareness, ideology, patriotism, revolutionary moral ideals, and healthy lifestyle for members and students.

* The association needs to promote the spirit of enthusiasm, diligence, focus on students’ learning, mobilize students to fulfill their study requirements seriously, take honest exams, and fight with negative expressions.

* Organizing and directing the implementation of campaigns, movements, action programs suitable for each student audience, paying attention to the focus and focus and obtaining practical effects.

* Continue to consolidate, develop and innovate to improve the quality and effectiveness of the Association’s activities in the direction of becoming more lively, more attractive and associated with the common task of the country.

* It is recommended that all levels of Party committees, authorities, branches and mass organizations, especially the Central Youth Union and the Ministry of Education and Training, need to coordinate in leading and directing the development of education, regularly grasping the situation and timely Time to solve problems related to students, take care of life so that students can study with peace of mind.

According to Youth

“Vibrant, full of enthusiasm of youth, affirming the resilience of a dynamic generation of students” – that is the common feeling of all those present at the opening ceremony of the meeting on the morning of February 15 in Hanoi.


National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong (right cover) hands over the banner of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam to students of Vietnam and the Association of Vietnamese Students: “Vietnamese students follow Uncle Ho’s orders, practice virtue, and practice talent for the sake of a rich people and a strong country. fair, democratic and civilized society” for the representative of the Vietnam Student Association – Photo: Viet Dung

Meeting each other, being in a common flow of knowledge, dedication and commitment, being able to discuss their own stories is something not everyone can have in the student world.

Be proactive before asking

The expectations of the whole society on students – where the gray matter content is most concentrated – is very large. Attending the congress, National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong said: “Those who are in school today must take advantage of all conditions, make the most of their time, and try to “practice their virtues and talents”, and prepare for them. in every way to shoulder that responsibility. Consider this a goal to strive closely every day, as a driving force to promote all efforts to study for a career tomorrow…”. At the same time affirming: youth and students are a very important social force, with great roles and responsibilities in realizing a glorious cause, soon bringing our country out of underdevelopment, creating a foundation for the future. so that by 2020, Vietnam will basically become an industrialized country in the direction of modernity.

A presentation at the congress, friend Chu Le Trung, Thang Long University, Hanoi, also emphasized that students must be self-advocating, proactive in learning, creating and researching before demanding mechanisms and policies. books and support from social resources. Trung emphasized: no matter what, for students, learning and scientific research must still be the top priority, in which the initiative of each student is essential. Speaking of Truong Le Thu Thao (HCMC delegation), through studying according to Uncle Ho’s moral example, he also emphasized the self-training of each individual, in which Thao emphasized the element of discipline in study and practice, as well as active learning and scientific research.

Being proactive, being proactive, is the key to opening the first door for each individual’s success to create a premise for dedication, community responsibility and society.

Must renew your organization

Presenting at the congress, Mr. Nguyen Dac Vinh on behalf of the congress’s presi- values, light on cohesion, student support, slow innovation, lack of autonomy of students. The activities of taking care and protecting the legitimate and legitimate interests of students have not yet met the needs of students. The propaganda about the Association has not been done well. The staff of the Association is still lacking and has limited capacity.

Delegate Nguyen Trieu Trung (HCMC) said that the report of the Executive Committee of the Central Committee of the Student Union, term 7, frankly recognized the advantages and disadvantages of the student situation, and the limitations of the Association’s work in the past time. “The new student class is now in the 9X generation, young in thought and action. In the coming time, the Student Union must quickly grasp the thoughts of students in order to make appropriate changes in the Association’s work, especially the work of taking care of students’ lives…” – Trung frankly asked the Student Association of Vietnam.

Changing, which means renewing yourself to keep up with the times, is a vital factor. The Association’s proposals must be a bridge, must listen more to the voices of students; Or delegate Truong Le Thu Thao suggested that the Association should be an environment for students to practice… not something new, but a prerequisite and vital element for the Association, as a socio-political organization. student association.

Delegate Nguyen Thi Ngoc Thuy from Son La confessed that she was really overwhelmed with the grandeur of the opening ceremony and the scale of the congress. But the grandeur of the festival or the scale of the congress will be more meaningful with the expectations of society, not only of the delegates, the students are placing a real responsibility on the Vietnam Students’ Union: a strong force. making an important contribution to the development of the country today.

According to D. BINH – TR. HUYNH – TU ANH – THANH HUNG (Youth)

Yesterday afternoon, February 15, 647 delegates attending the congress were divided into four centers, focusing on discussing issues directly related to the study, training and dedication of students as well as students before the time. opportunity to enter the world…


The scene of the 8th Congress of the Vietnam Students’ Union on the morning of February 15 – Photo: Viet Dung

It was cool in Hanoi yesterday afternoon, but the discussion atmosphere was very “hot” from the first minute.

Skill training

At the center “Students practice skills, integrate with the world” (Foreign Trade University), Vice President of Vietnam Student Association Le Quoc Phong said: “Vietnamese students are showing many limitations, such as foreign language ability, knowledge. culture, society, history, teamwork skills, etc. How will students practice their integration skills with the world?”.

Student Hoang Thu Huyen (Hai Duong College of Economics and Technology) immediately said: “As long as each student tries hard to study and practice skills, he can confidently go out into the world”. According to Huyen, as a source to help the country quickly integrate, students must determine their role, constantly study and practice. In which, great attention must be paid to skills (team work, communication, management; problem solving, critical thinking…). Friend Le Hong Son (Financial Academy) suggested: Students must be able to listen to collect information and should not think that integration is something far away, not their responsibility. Lam Thi Thuy Ha (HCMC University of Social Sciences and Humanities) emphasized: “If you want to integrate, you must first be good at foreign languages”.

To achieve these goals, students should and need to join clubs in their faculty and school with enthusiasm and responsibility to practice and practice skills of teamwork, presentation, persuasion, planning. Planning, organizing programs, diplomatic relations and many other skills…

Clubs, academic teams: effective tools

Student Union: need more companionship with students

At the forum “Student Association – Student’s Companion” (at the National Economics University), NE Truong Tien Anh (Hanoi Student Association) frankly: “The Student Association has not yet grasped the needs of students” . Many students still do not realize the important role of the Student Union in their academic and daily life.

At the forum “Learning, creating – the key to success” held at Vietnam National University, Hanoi, many presentations of the NE affirmed that learning in each person is very important from determining the purpose, motivation and methodology.

Many opinions emphasize the advantages and role of clubs – academic teams under the student unions of universities in creating an environment to improve specialized knowledge for students – one of the effective tools to attract students. and improve the quality of student learning.

Representative Phan Thi Thanh Phuong (HCMC University of Science and Technology) said that the level of learning at the university and college level necessarily requires the initiative, creativity, and self-consciousness of students to be very high. Should identify the top task of the Student Union is to create an environment to improve the quality of learning among students. “Especially, in the coming trend, the credit system training will be widely applied, requiring the role of guiding the learning method to be clearer, more frequent and more invested. The Student Union needs to promote sample study groups and groups to share learning methods at each branch to meet the actual needs of students…”.

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Many NEs believe that the association needs to orient students to promote the role of self-study in students. With a presentation on the issue of “Student Association and attracting the intellectual contribution of international students to the development of the country through scientific research projects”, Representative Dang Tat Dung (Ho Chi Minh City Student Union Union) ) has attracted much attention of the NE. According to Dung, currently the force of international students is very large. The most famous universities in the world have Vietnamese students studying at university and graduate school. “In the current integration period, the Vietnam Student Association needs to soon establish a forum and exchange for research ideas. Domestic students share research ideas with international students, and monitor the development of majors around the world.

Socialization of volunteer activities

The organization of volunteer activities associated with expertise and finding funding for volunteering activities are the two issues that are most concerned by many local people at the forum “We are volunteer students” (Hanoi University of Technology and Education). ).

Representative Nguyen Trieu Trung (Ho Chi Minh City Student Association) gave a direction to develop volunteering activities: volunteering activities = expertise + social issues. Representative Vo Van Thanh (Hanoi Medical University) presented “model and experience in organizing volunteer activities associated with trained professionals”. According to Thanh, the most difficult thing in organizing volunteer activities is funding.

How to get funding for volunteering is not only interested in the Student Union of Hanoi Medical University. Nguyen Giao Linh (Student Association of Hanoi University of Science and Technology) affirmed that the socialization of volunteer activities is completely possible. This is demonstrated at Hanoi University of Science and Technology, when it has implemented socialization of volunteer activities since 2003 and obtained many good results.

According to D. BINH – TRAN HUYNH – THU HUNG – TU ANH (Youth)

Attending were: former General Secretary Do Muoi; former Presidents Le Duc Anh, Tran Duc Luong; National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong; Former National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Van An; Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan; Deputy Prime Minister Truong Vinh Trong; Chairman of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Huynh Dam; Head of the Central Committee’s Civil Affairs Committee Ha Thi Khiet; First Secretary of the Central Committee, Chairman of the Vietnam Youth Union Vo Van Thuong and many leaders of ministries, branches, revolutionary elders, heroic Vietnamese mothers…

Speaking at the congress, National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong said that the movements of emulation for good study and good practice, volunteering by students, and contest season support… with many diverse and exciting activities from The facility attracts millions of young people, participating students have gradually contributed to creating an early generation of students with an autonomous and dynamic spirit, catching up with the requirements of society in the new management mechanism. Emphasizing the great role and responsibility of young people and students in the process of industrialization and modernization of the country, President Nguyen Phu Trong reminded “those who are in school today must take advantage of all conditions. , take advantage of all the time, work hard to study, practice virtue, prepare all aspects to shoulder the responsibility, consider this a goal to strive for daily. After praising the majority of students who study diligently and have a sense of morality, the National Assembly President also pointed out the weaknesses of a part of students who have not identified the right goals, study motivation, and lack of will. rise up, have not been honest in studying for exams, have not clearly expressed their dreams and ambitions, even showing deviations in value orientation, lifestyle, suffering from social evils, being easily taken advantage of. , engaging in unhealthy or malicious activities. National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong affirmed: “Determining your future, future, career is in your own hands. The opportunity will pass if you are indifferent and irresponsible on the chosen path. The Party, State and people always place their trust, love and hope in the generation of students who are following in the footsteps of their fathers, promoting the values ​​of a studious nation, valuing talented people, honoring those with great contributions. dedication”, at the same time believes that “with the will, talent and creative energy of youth, the current generation of students as well as the student movement, the Vietnam Student Association will continue to have a new development, worthy of stature of a heroic nation in the Ho Chi Minh era”.

Also at the opening ceremony, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Youth Union Vo Van Thuong gave a speech emphasizing the continuous self-renewal of the Vietnam Student Association, in which it is necessary to focus on effectively creatively implementing the “Age campaign” Vietnamese children study and follow Uncle Ho’s words”, creating a clear change in the awareness and work of each student; focus on discovering, building, and praising typical collectives and individuals in learning, living, organizing replication so that the examples shine, bringing to young people optimism, faith and love for life. push them to rise.

On the occasion of the congress, National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong presented students and the Vietnam Student Association with a banner of the Central Committee of the Party with the words “Vietnamese students follow Uncle Ho’s orders, practice virtues for the sake of their goals. rich people, strong country, fair society, civilized democracy”.

According to Thu Hang (Youth)

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