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Most programmers are familiar with the term domain name or domain name. However, besides the term domain name, there is another term that is easy to confuse with domain name, which is hostname. In this article we will learn about the difference between these two terms.

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What is Hostname?

Hostname is the name used to identify the location of an endpoint device end-point In a computer network (or network), the endpoint here can be a computer, a USB device … connected in the local network.

For example, in a company’s LAN, there are 10 different computers connected to each other, in this local network each machine will be assigned a hostname so that other computers can connect to it (for other computers). resources that that machine shares with other computers on the network).

Or another more realistic example is the LAN in your house (this LAN can connect to the internet via wifi or fiber, or it may not need to be connected to the internet). In this case, each machine on the LAN also has a hostname address to identify and you can check by going to the configuration section of Internet and Sharing on the machine. You can also change the hostname of your computer on the LAN.

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What is Domain Name?

Domain name is the name used to identify the location of a computer network (or network) on the internet.

For example, company ABC uses the domain name abc.com to determine the location of the computer network that this company ABC uses to store company-related data such as sales, employee lists, etc. . Now, when using the above domain abc.com, anyone can connect to ABC company’s server system at any location and use any computer connected to the internet. Note this does not mean that everyone has access to the data on the server system, but they can still connect to this system using the domain name as mentioned above.

Difference Between Hostname and Domain Name

If hostname is used to identify the location of a computer device on a network, domain name is used to identify the location of a computer network. Hostname and domain name can be used in conjunction with each other.

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One more example is as follows: If you want to go from an address number 123, Hai Ba Trung street to address 456 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia street in the same Ho Chi Minh city, now you can not say another city name. However, if you want to go from address 123, Hai Ba Trung Street, Ho Chi Minh City to address 456 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, Vung Tau City, you will definitely need to mention the city name. In this case the city name plays the same role as the domain name and the house number and street name plays the same role as the hostname.


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