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Principles can be the main ideas and basic orientations expressed throughout the whole or a certain period, requiring agencies, organizations and individuals to follow.

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Any purposeful activity in life must be based on certain principles. This is the main thought and orientation to help subjects perform effectively in a specific field.

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What is the principle?

A principle is the original thesis of a certain doctrine, the guiding thought of a rule of action, or a belief, opinion about things, and that opinion and belief determines the rules of behavior, and also may be the operating principle of certain apparatus and equipment.

In addition, the principle can be the main thought and basic orientation expressed throughout the whole or a certain period, which requires agencies, organizations and individuals to follow.


Principles in legal regulations

The principles of each branch of law are guiding ideas throughout the process of building and applying that law.

content What is the principle? in any branch of law in the legal system depends on the object of regulation of that branch of law.

1/ For Criminal Law:

If the regulated objects of the Vietnamese Criminal Law are social relations arising between two important subjects with certain rights and obligations, namely the State and the offender, the principles of the criminal law must protect ensure the rights of the State and reflect the nature of the regime as well as the interests of the offenders.

Thus, the principles of criminal law are the guiding ideas and orientations for the entire process of crime and punishment regulation, criminal law application in the practice of investigation, prosecution and adjudication. judge.

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2/ For Civil Law:

The subject of civil law regulation includes property relations of the nature of goods and money, with compensation of value in accordance with the law of value of the commodity-producing economy and a number of personal relationships.

It is the specific characteristics of that group of relationships governed by civil law that help legislators clearly define civil principles.

Therefore, that principle is the main thought and basic orientation embodied in civil law, as well as its interpretation and application in practice through one or more of its norms or regulations.

3/ For the Administrative Law;

The regulated object of the Administrative Law is the social relations formed in the field of State administrative management

+ Relationships arising between administrative agencies in the performance of State administrative management activities; Example: The Government requested the People’s Committee of Da Nang city to immediately implement social distancing measures to overcome the spread of Covid-19 disease in the community.

+ Relationships arising in the process of state agencies building and managing internal working regimes. Example: The Chief Justice of the Supreme People’s Court issues a decision to appoint judges of the People’s Court of Hanoi.

+ Relationships formed during the process of individuals and organizations empowered by the State to perform a number of State administrative management activities as prescribed by law. Example: The mobile police team is tasked with protecting order and security during the Summit in Hanoi.

Therefore, from the perspective of Administrative Law, the principle of this branch of law is the sum total of administrative legal norms whose content is the main and basic orientations as the basis for organizing the implementation of administrative activities. Government administrative management.

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