What is the year 2020?

You were born in 2020 but don’t know what birthday you were born in, what age you are, see what age is, what age suits you or what numbers match your age. The following article will solve all of the above questions and advise you to resolve conflicts, choose colors that are suitable for the year of the Rat born in 2020.

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I. 2020 what destiny?

Destiny: Tho – Bich Thuong Tho – Land of arches

+ Mutual: Kim, Fire

+ Contrasting: Thuy, Moc

According to the feng shui par, it can be seen that in 2020 Canh Ty par Tho – Bich Thuong Tho, ie Land of arches or Land on the wall, Land on the wall.

The outstanding feature of the personality of Bich Thuong Tho people is balance, mentality and firm stance, not easily swayed by public opinion in life. In them, there is a clear distinction between love and hate – hate is hate but love is love, not black and white.

Bich Thuong Tho has always revealed to be a person of integrity, integrity, and at the same time always adheres to the rules as well as the standards he sets himself, if he commits those things, they always feel remorse and regret. .


2020 what destiny?

II. Feng shui for people born in 2020 what destiny?

1. Color

Matching colors:

+ Destiny color: Dark yellow, earthy brown belongs to the Tho element.

+ Similar colors: Red, orange, pink, purple belong to the Fire element.

Taboo color:

+ Green, banana green belong to the Wood element.

The typical colors of the Water element are black and blue.


Born in 2020 with yellow and red colors

2. What number is suitable for destiny 2020

– Male par with numbers: 6, 7, 8

– Female destiny number: 2, 5, 8, 9

* Meaning of numbers according to feng shui:

Number 2: Is a pair, a pair, symbolizing the balance of yin and yang.

Number 5: Symbolizes honor, power and longevity, immortality. Five is a great number to use in feng shui.

Number 6: is the double of the number three, bringing auspicious and favorable omens. Three plus six is ​​nine that together form a group of three lucky numbers.

Number 7: Symbolizes the power to repel demons according to feng shui, if you arrange 7 items, you will be given a mysterious and invulnerable power.

Number 8: The Eight Immortals in Taoism and the Eight Noble Truths in Buddhism, can stop bad influences before they enter the home.

Number 9: Is the number of happiness, peace and convenience. According to Sino-Vietnamese, the number nine is homophone for the words “longevity” and “luck”.

3. Direction

What is the fate of the Year of the Rat in 2020?

+ Direction: Northwest (Birth Qi) – Northeast (Phuc Duc) – Southwest (Thien Y) – West (Fu Vi). Details about the direction of the house are as follows:

+ Cavalry direction: East (Tuyet Menh) – South (Five Devils) – North (Hoa Hai) – Southeast (Luc Sat). Details about the direction of the house are as follows:

Female Destiny of the Rat 2020:

+ Direction: Southwest (Birth Qi) – West (Phuc Duc) – Northwest (Thien Y) – Northeast (Fu Vi). Details about the direction of the house are as follows:

+ Cavalry direction: Southeast (Tuyet Menh) – North (Five Ghosts) – South (Hoa Hai) – East (Luc Sat).

4. What age is suitable for doing business?

– Rat – Rat: The worst cooperation, business often fails, business relationship will end due to bankruptcy.

– Rat – Ox: Normal cooperation, although Ox people do not have a business mind, they have the advantage of industriousness.

Rat – Tiger: Able to cooperate to a certain extent, requires the people born in the year of the Rat to be honest, because the rat is often “clever”.

– Rat – Rabbit: Cannot cooperate for a long time, because cats and rats often conflict with each other.

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Rat – Dragon: Cooperation is possible, but the people born in the year of the Dragon must be the main decision-makers to develop smoothly.

– Rat – Snake: Should not have business cooperation ideas.

– Rat – Horse: This cooperation should not exist. Both sides hate each other, always trying to harm each other.

– Rat – Mui: This cooperation has a rather humorous nuance because the people born in the year of the Goat often look at the mouse with the eyes of an artist, and see the business world in a non-commercial manner. As a result, no one understands.

– Rat – Than: People born in the year of the Rat often blindly worship people born in the year of the Monkey. As a result, you will receive a little “tears of pain”.

– Rat – Rooster: Business cooperation is risky, like gambling.

– Rat – Tuat: In general, do not cooperate in business, people born in the year of the Dog are inclined to things that exist in reality, people born in the year of the Rat have a rich imagination, rush into business, lest they fail.

– Rat – Pig: Can cooperate in business, in terms of money, people born in the year of the Pig are often luckier than others, people born in the year of the Rat can take advantage of this opportunity to make a profit.

5. What age is love suitable for?

Male destiny:

+ Choosing a husband and wife: Giap Thin, Tan Suu, Mau Tuat, Dinh Mui

+ Horse age: Mau Than, Nham Dan, Giap Dan, At Mao and Binh Than

– Female destiny:

+ Choosing a husband and wife: Dinh Mui, Tan Suu, Giap Thin, Mau Tuat

+ Horse age: Nham Dan, Giap Dan, Binh Than, Mau Than, Quy Mao, At Mao

III. What are the characteristics of people born in 2020?

People born in the year of the Rat have a steadfast and steadfast will, once they have determined their goals, they will try to complete them, never back down, accept to overcome all difficulties and hardships. Therefore in business they often achieve resounding success.

The Canh Rat people often have great ambitions, but if they don’t know how to adjust, they will face many challenges and easily fail. During their lifetime, people of this age rarely face financial difficulties. They know how to save and often calculate expenses, so they often accumulate large amounts of money to enjoy their old age.

During childhood, men born in the year of the Rat had many ups and downs. In the middle of the year, they will also overcome many difficult obstacles in life. At this time, there is a full hope of a career, fame, and fortune at this time is peaceful and happy.

Females with the age of the Rat often have a lot of luck in their childhood. Their lives are blessed, so life creates many favorable opportunities to complete a career easily. In the middle fortune, they saw the results of happiness, relaxation, and comfort.

IV. How to see what age?

1. How to calculate fate by age

To see what your age is and know exactly your destiny according to your age. You need to rely on the element of celestial – chi of your lunar year of birth.

– How to calculate the zodiac sign according to age as follows: Take the last number of the year of birth and follow the table of celestial conventions below:


How to calculate fate by age

Example: You were born in 1991 – Hang can will be Tan

– Calculation of expenses by year of birth: Take the last 2 numbers of the year of birth, divide by 12, and compare the balance with the lookup table to find out the row:


How to calculate fate by age

After knowing the Heavenly Can and the Earth Chi, you can calculate your zodiac sign of the five elements. Calculation and value are converted to the following numbers:


Armor, Hat = 1

Pin, Ding = 2

Mau, Ky = 3

Soup, Tan = 4

Ren, Quarter = 5


Rat, Ox, Horse, Mui = 0

Gradually, Rabbit, Body, Rooster = 1

Dragon, Snake, Dog, Pig = 2

Five Elements:

Needle = 1

Thuy = 2

Fire = 3

Earth = 4

Wood = 5

Next, you add the Can row with the Chi row to get the result and then deduce your destiny. If the sum is greater than 5 then subtract 5 to get the result.

For example: You were born in 1991, the age of Tan Goat is calculated as follows: Tan = 4, Mui = 0.

The result of life according to age is 4 + 0 = 4, which is Earth par.

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2. How to calculate destiny by year of birth

Even though they have the same year of birth, the zodiac signs of men and women are completely different. Therefore, to accurately determine the zodiac sign according to the year of birth, the homeowner needs to rely on the gender factor.


Zodiac chart by year of birth

Example for how to calculate the zodiac sign according to the year of birth

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