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However, the methodology tested in this study needs to be validated using additional data on similar patients and using data on patients with other diseases.
The first one handles sentences such as (5) and the second one validates the support verb construction hypothesis.
The views of the examples do not represent the views of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or of its licensors.
In conclusion, formal methodologies allow automatic support for various activities in the life cycle of agent-based systems, for example validating specifications and simulating behaviour.
By validating the hypothesis, he tried to refute the paradigm that the centralized government system did not allow local autonomy.
As long as data quality in randomized multicenter trials is not validated, one could argue that the foundations of evidence-based medicine are somewhat uncertain.
The controller, itself, can be tested, validated and finely tuned through simulation before implementation.
The equations were calibrated and validated with 116 and 45 samples, respectively, for flotation index and with 149 and 176 samples, respectively, for milling tests.
If validated, such an approach could the relevance of agro-forestry technologies to the beneficiaries and increase the chances of improvement and adoption.
They present an approach called validated retrieval that can dramatically reduce the number of potentially relevant cases.
Collectively these art works redress calligraphy”s historical emphases on epigrams, language purity, and expressive brushstrokes, finding other validating criteria for this ancient art form.
Moreover, the construction could also be adopted, and possibly generalized, for validating other theories of names and binders.
In our opinion, this construction could be adopted for validating other theories of names and binders.
With the large number of crises that have now occurred, do you think that the facts validated the views we expressed in 1996?
In the componential approach to modeling reading ability, a number of contributing factors have been empirically validated.


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