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vessel /”vesl/ noun vases, pots, jars, crates (nautical) large boat, ship (Anatomy); (botany) tube, vesselthe weaker vessel (sutta) woman
knock-down vessel: tank container Dewar vessel: DewarDewar vessel: vacuum flask Dewarabsorption vessel: absorbing vessel: agitating vessel closed vessel evaporator vessel: evaporator vessel evaporator vessel: evaporatorexpansion vessel: closed expansion vesselexpansion vessel: expansion vessel -pressure vessel: high-pressure vessel: high-vacuum insulated vessel: high-vacuum insulated vessel reserve vessel: liquid hydrogen tankintermediate vessel: medium-jacketed vessel : pearl-shaped vessel: leprecipitation vessel: precipitation vesselpressure vessel: high-pressure vessel : pressure vessel pressure vessel: pressure vessel pressure vessel: pressure vessel pressure vessel: pressure vessel pressure vessel: pressure vessel construction pressure-tight vessel: pressure vessel reactor pressure vessel shell-and-tube vessel: shell-and-tube vessel container in which materials are processed or stored..Explanation VN: An empty container in which materials are handled and stored. cryogenic liquid storage vessel: cryoevaporator vessel: evaporator vessel steamhydrogen reserve vessel: liquid hydrogen liquefied gas storage vessel: low-temperature storage vessel pressure vessel: pressure vessel shell-and-tube vessel : tubular vessel, anastomotic vessel, anastomotic vessel, blood vessel, vascular, nutrient vessel vess el: hull pipe vessel Field: multiservice vessel: multi-purpose survey vessel: ocean research vessel offshore drilling rig supply vessel: offshore drilling rig supply vessel self-propelled vessel: self-propelled vessel theory Field: construction of airship, hydrocargo vessel: refrigerated cargo vessel deadweight tonnage of vessel tonnage of vesseldecantation vesseldecantation vessel multi-usenamed vessel: vessel sea-going vessel smuggled convenience flag vesselconverted vessel disguised vesseldelivery alongside the vessels voluntary bound vessel pot; ship; large boat § carbon steel vessel : carbon steel container § clean oil vessel : clean oil vessel closed vessel : sealed vessel § Dewar vessel : vacuum vessel Dewar § dirty oil vessel crude § expansion vessel : expansion vessel § high-pressure vessel : high-pressure vessel § knock-down vessel : storage tank let-down vessel : discharge vessel § oil vessel : oil vessel § pressure vessel : pressure vessel § supply vessel : supply vessel § surge vessel : pulse delay vessel § unfired pressure vessel : pressure and fire resistant vessel

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