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When we run too many software at the same time on the computer, physical RAM Not enough memory to respond. Your computer or laptop will experience lag, slowing down the operation of the application. When physical RAM is overloaded and there is not enough memory to run applications, we can use Virtual RAM temporarily replace “real” RAM. So what is virtual RAM?

What is virtual RAM?

Virtual RAM (Virtual Memory) is memory that is simulated by physical RAM. The simulation information is stored on the hard drive. Virtual memory allows the operating system to run more applications than is allowed by physical memory.

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Virtual RAM is created by simulating physical memory written to a file stored on the hard drive. This means that the amount of virtual ram used will be equivalent to the amount of hard drive space lost.


Computer RAM

How virtual RAM works.

For the case that the computer does not have virtual RAM, when we run many applications, the RAM memory will be full. If we try to open more applications, the physical memory will reduce the space used by the open applications, slowing down the processing speed of all applications. If we still try to open more applications, the memory will not be able to load more, the application will not be able to open or the computer will freeze.

When there is virtual RAM but there is no space left on the “real” RAM, Virtual Memory Manager (VMM) will take the application that has not been used for the longest time and place it in a file on the hard drive. If the system needs to access that application again, VMM will put the application into physical RAM and again take another application that has not been used for the longest time and return it to a file on the hard drive. Applications are so alternately saved to files on the hard drive, ensuring stability for the process of use.

Increase virtual RAM for the computer.

If you often play games or use RAM-intensive software, you should add RAM to your computer or buy new RAM to ensure stability during use.

Here is how to increase virtual memory for computers using Windows 10 operating system.

Step 1: You enter Control Paneltype system in the search box. Search down the line View advanced system settingsclick on it.


Click View advanced system settings.

Step 2: In new window, at tab Advanced card Performance select Settings.

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Click Settings in Performance.

In the window Performance Optionsat tab Advanced select Change... in the card Virtual memoryy to enter virtual RAM setup.


Select Change to enter the virtual RAM change setting.

Step 3: In the window Virtual Memoryyou deselect Automatically manage paging file size for all drives. Continue to select Custom size.

At Initial size (MB) you enter the lowest virtual RAM capacity in MB (1GB = 1024 MB), usually this value is equal to real RAM or 1.5 times real RAM.

At Maximum size (MB) you enter the maximum value of virtual RAM, this value is usually 2 times the Initial size.


Change the parameters then click Set to apply.

After completing the above steps, click Set / OK to save the changes. Then you need to restart the machine for the virtual RAM to be updated.

Note: For computers or laptops that use an SSD, you should not set up virtual RAM. Because this can affect the life of the SSD drive.

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Adding virtual RAM to the computer is only a temporary solution to avoid RAM overload during use. Buy to add or replace RAM as soon as possible to ensure the stability of your PC. Learn about DDR3 and DDR3L RAM to choose the right type of RAM for your computer.

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