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What is a hot and cold water plant in English? keywords that many people search for. Hot and cold water plants with quick heating and cooling features help save energy when in use, and save time for you to use. Let’s find out What is hot and cold water plant in English? Please.

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Hot and cold water plant in English is translated as water dispenser means water dispenser. True to the meaning of the name, the hot and cold water plant gives you the cold and hot water you want without the need for other supporting devices. With just a short time, you have a cup of hot and cold water as you want to be able to make tea or coffee in the morning. You no longer have to have a hard time boiling water into a super-fast kettle to make milk for your baby, but you can get water directly from this hot and cold water plant. The water in the bottle is guaranteed to be bactericidal and safe with LG Block cooling technology and R134A refrigerant, which is not harmful to users’ health.


The hot and cold water plant is composed of 2 compartments.

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The upper compartment to store water with a large capacity can be used for families with 4-5 members. The lower compartment has a bactericidal feature so you can store your baby’s milk or fruit. The faucet is designed with 2 separate hot and cold faucets with the same color for you to distinguish easier


In addition to hot and cold water plants with heating and cooling features, there are also models of hot and cold water plants with 3 faucets with warm water faucets, which are very convenient. You don’t need to mix hot and cold water together, just one click on the warm faucet to get the cup of water you want. Besides, there are also water plant products that are integrated with the filter function directly inside the water plant with 4 synthetic filter cores for you to use directly, safe for health. With 4 filter elements with RO membrane filter clean water, kill bacteria with tiny holes with sizes from 0.1-0.5 nanometers. With this direct filtration technology, you can rest assured to use hot and cold water for your family.

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