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“Dad’s whole life, he has left nothing for his children but the amount of knowledge that his parents worked hard to raise his children to study. I hope that you will become useful people for society” (excerpt from TT “Standing Faith”. “)

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Unacceptable As a woman, psychological consultant Nguyen Thi Kim Bac (call center 1088 Ho Chi Minh City) is quite harsh when it comes to women buying sex. Ms. Bac said: “For the sake of sex, it is unacceptable to trade off a woman’s dignity”. According to Ms. Kim Bac, from a woman’s perspective, she also realizes that women’s sexual needs are as high as men’s. Whether the person buying sex is male or female, it is worthy of condemnation. However, women buying sex are not suitable for the lifestyle and culture of Asian women. Before the idea that, in today’s society, gender discrimination has gradually decreased, women have equal rights as men. So why can men go to buy sex to satisfy their physiological needs, while women can’t? Psychologist Nguyen Thi Kim Bac expressed disagreement. Ms. Bac said, it seems that in our society there is always a default that a man has five wives and seven concubines, and a main girl has only one husband… These views are no longer relevant in this day and age. “But if one day women all “want to eat – peel the cake – pay” like men, then where is the morality and dignity of a woman”, Mrs. Bac expressed her opinion. (http://us.eva.vn/tinh-yeu-gioi-tinh/khat-tinh-vo-cap-bo-voi-trai-tre-c3a130516.html; http://us.eva.vn/tinh -yeu-gioi-tinh/vang-nha-3-thang-vo-da-ngu-voi-trai-c3a130252.html) Because of thirst for love, my wife dated someone worthy of her children and grandchildren (Artwork) Different from some comments condemning women buying sex, psychologist Trinh Trung Hoa said: “Both sex buyers and sellers are against the law. But I do not condemn women more heavily than men who buy sex,” said Mr. Hoa. This psychologist also said that this is just an isolated incident, not reflecting the nature of women as well as the nature of society. According to Dr. Duong Dinh Phuc, Head of the Department of Neurology, 354 Hospital, in the family, women aged 35-45 have an increased sexual need, due to increased female hormones and a lot of ovarian hormone secretion during pregnancy. Therefore, the sexual demand of men in this age group decreases. Therefore, the couple’s sexual needs arise internally and women tend to find ways to solve their sexual needs. Meeting the needs of “one-night stands” of “guests of the village” who are rich and “bloody” ladies, an online “love market” appeared with a “seller” who is a “pilot” of a very young age. very young. Bustling “love market” online According to our research, ladies have many places to hunt for “goods”, but usually they can find “partners” at bars or choose “goods” directly from websites. “black”. On the one hand, the online “love market” aims to satisfy the needs of the ladies better, on the other hand, to bypass the authorities to make it easier to operate. The reason why women often go online to hunt for “love” is because “pilots” are new “foods”, young, healthy “partners” know how to pamper more than their doting and weak husbands are not enough. dollar”. Moreover, the clumsy of the “pilots” sometimes create new experiences that stimulate the curiosity of ladies. Usually, before entering into love “contracts”, partners often go through a period of getting to know each other by chatting and flirting. Even “difficult” solicitations and solicitations at online addresses. Navigating through the virtual world, we see many websites of interest to ladies. In which, the pages: Henho…, timbantinh…,tinhmotdem…attract thousands of ladies members to visit. At these addresses, many passionate conversations mixed with price scenes took place as lively as “love markets”. Under the account name, there is no clear address, so all the conversations of the “pilot” and the lady are very comfortable. We create an account Nickname “Play_boy” and topic: “Finding women in HCMC to confide, share, no strings attached, cheap, enthusiastic service day and night. Not happy, no charge.” This news page posted a few minutes, immediately there were dozens of messages sent with phone numbers and online addresses to contact and meet. Immediately after posting, a strange phone number called us with the content of dating in the night, it was 23:30 at this time. Many websites are of interest to the women, at these addresses, many passionate conversations mixed with price scenes take place as lively as “love markets”. On the other end of the line was the clear voice of an elderly woman: “Honey! Let’s meet each other soon! I’m so sad at home alone, I don’t know who to talk to. Do you know Notre Dame?, let’s meet there!” I stammered: “It’s late, sister, can we see each other tomorrow?. I’m near Suoi Tien and I’m too far away.” She insisted: “You just go there, I won’t let you lose. In addition to the terms of the agreement, she will “tip” more. Come to the place to call me!. You are waiting…”. Revealing the face of the lady “eating spring rolls” At midnight, we played the role of “pilots” to meet the lady NTT in the park near Notre Dame Cathedral. As soon as she stopped the car, she approached and asked smartly: “Are you coming to talk to me?”, I replied: “When I received the phone, I was afraid that you would wait for a long time, so we got in the car immediately. Now, where do I go to talk to you?”. “Let’s go somewhere for a few drinks and then go to the hotel!”, she replied succinctly. After the greeting, she turned to complain: “Looking at you like this, how can I meet your needs?”. I reassured: “The thin person is the teacher… you can rest assured. I can’t do it anywhere, it’s okay to be “coffee”. I made an online agreement, if I’m not happy, I won’t be charged!”. She feels more secure with the “contract” of buying and selling love. Before stepping into the “driver”, the ladies often go to the entertainment places to “load” some alcoholic drinks to “increase the gas” for the game to be more interesting. Taking us to a bar in District 1, she ordered beer and opened a few cans for a poetic foreplay. After drinking beer, she began a sad story: “In terms of economy, I lack nothing. Living in luxury turns boring. Her husband often goes far away, only once in a while. He was old and every time she wanted to “love”, he appeared annoyed and helpless. Many times like that, she was bored, the “age it chased away spring” in a tired longing”. In order to bring safety and comfort in the situation, ladies often look to “pilots” to “sign” with partners in the style of “paying for cake”: “Many times I want to find men standing in front of me. age to “love” but afraid of trouble for the family on both sides. Moreover, the men are also weak and do not bring a new and attractive feeling. So it’s safer to find them.” Seeing that she was already west and hot, we used the excuse to receive a phone call from a friend and was rescued by her friend from the lady’s “love net” in the deserted night. Not only are there ladies who like to “pay for cake” with young “pilots”, but in the hidden corners of parks and bars, there are always many ladies waiting to perform “night flight contracts” with customers. “pilot”. According to our records, in the West Quarter area (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) along Bui Vien, De Tham, Pham Ngu Lao… there are “armies” of black African-Americans specializing in serving the needs of birth. reason for the lady’s craving for strange things. Crying and laughing when a “young pilot” flies an “old woman plane” When he loves his old sister Thuy Huong 5 years older than him, Mr. Son (Ha Dong, Hanoi) is very worried. However, witnessing many couples of pilots – old women living very happily together, Mr. Son temporarily calmed down and resolved to marry his dream lover. “I am a pragmatist,” he said. I married Huong both because of love and because of satisfaction with life problems. Huong is 5 years older than me, she has a very solid career. She doesn’t need my money, her income is more than enough to take care of her family and has a large amount of savings. Moreover, she is very mature, not whiny, sloppy like other gossip girls. Being with her, I feel very secure and comfortable.” And he firmly believes that an “old woman” like Huong will bring him a happy, peaceful and full life.

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What he wanted has finally come. However, with it comes many problems. Since getting married, he is most afraid of every New Year’s anniversary. At that time, all the relatives gathered at the chief’s house. So many funny situations happened. The worst part is that even a few years old boy can “act” him. That day, the 8-year-old boy of his uncle’s family was gnawing on chicken thighs. Seeing him, his son quickly ran out to say “Are you back?”. Then the boy turned to his wife: “I greet you. Are you Son’s aunt?” The boy’s carefree question stunned him. How can the boy mistake his wife for his step-aunt (His father has only been married for a few months). After the boy’s confusion, maybe, the young people in them rushed in to tease their brothers and sisters. Mr. Thao (Hoang Mai, Hanoi) also encountered many problems when flying the “old lady plane”. But this trouble arose from Ms. Thoa – his wife. Before falling in love and getting married, he was originally a subordinate of his wife, so to her, he was always like a wet-footed employee entering the company. Therefore, the thought of “bullying” is always in her head. At home, she spent all day directing him to do this and that while she shook her thighs and watched TV. When he “expressed his opinion”, she dismissed it with the argument: “I’ve done a lot of work, I’m tired, I’m not young like you. I’m still healthy, I have to help my wife.” So even though he was upset, he still went to clean the house. But anyway, this lump is easy to swallow. What he was most angry about was that when at home, she called him sweet brother. But when she went out, she turned her attitude. Fortunately, she called her name, the rest, she just said blankly: “Get the hat for me”, “Go that way”… I understand how she feels. Because she is older than him, at the office, people often make jokes. Sentences like “Thao, my brother is here” or “Thao, I borrowed “”plane” to travel for a few days …”. Meeting overseas women, her husband and children still sell sex for millions of dollars. Not in the young “long-legged” line, but in return Nguyen Thi Diem Huong has a smooth white skin and an attractive face. So even though she has a husband and children, she still makes millions of dollars every time she sells sex.


Young women sell high-priced sex and act as brokers in court. Yesterday (May 22), at the headquarters of the People’s Committee of Giang Bien ward, the People’s Court of Long Bien district opened an itinerant trial against Nguyen Thi Diem Huong (born 1982, residing in Minh Khai street, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi). Noi), was accused by the People’s Procuracy of the same level of committing the crime of “prostitution brokering”, as specified in Clause 1, Article 255-PC. The defendant appeared in court in a rather stylish appearance and was not subject to the escort of the judicial police force. The indictment against this young woman shows that, on the evening of January 28, Do Huu Cuong and Do Duc Tien (both residing in Kim Dong, Hung Yen) pooled money and invited each other to find “girls” to satisfy their needs. Because she knew Nguyen Thi Diem Huong before, Tien called and texted to ask about selling sex. Huong agreed and invited more Nguyen Thi Phuong (SN 1991, also residing in Hai Ba Trung district) to participate. Then, Huong told the sex buyer to rent a room first at a hotel in Ngoc Lam ward, Long Bien district and then inform her of the specific room number. As soon as she takes a taxi to the destination, Huong offers a price to the customer, she herself will only receive 3 million VND, and Phuong will receive “3 tickets” (300 USD) for this “fun” time. Received a message from Tien’s phone number, at 11 pm on the same day, Huong and her friend went to the hotel where the sex buyers were waiting. Meeting in room 201 of the hotel, Tien and Cuong paid Phuong “3 tickets”, equivalent to 6 million VND and paid Huong 3 million VND for buying sex. In addition, because Huong was instrumental in matching Cuong and Phuong into a couple, Tien was rewarded with another 3 million VND. Putting the money in his pocket, Phuong wriggly led Cuong’s hand to the next room, while Huong and Tien stayed in room 201 to have sex with each other. However, in the midst of these two couples being “cloudy and rainy”, they were checked and discovered by the CAQ Long Bien force and brought to the headquarters for clarification. At the trial, defendant Huong did not sincerely admit that she had benefited from the money leading her colleague in this case on the grounds that it was an extra bonus. The fact that Phuong went to sell sex with the defendant was because the other girl actively asked Huong to let her go, because at the time Tien raised the question of selling sex, Huong and Phuong were going to the movies together. Also according to the defendant’s statement, she and Tien happened to know each other about 2 days before the crime took place. During that short time, Huong was always promised gifts by guests, invited to eat and buy personal items. In front of the horseshoe, Nguyen Thi Diem Huong is always crooked to deny the role of a prostitute. It was only when the trial panel published all the testimonies of those involved in the case and of the defendant himself at the police station that the young woman selling high-priced sex admitted to committing the offence. With the last words, Huong pleaded: “Currently, the defendant is raising a small child, has no job and is living separately from her husband, so she asks the court to consider and open the leniency.” Before the court, the defendant’s identity was also clarified. In 2007, Huong was administratively sanctioned by CATP Lang Son, Lang Son province for organizing and illegally using drugs. At the time of the crime, the defendant had a 12-year-old biological child and the husband was unmarried. Expressing his opinion at the trial, the representative of the Procuracy said that although the defendant did not completely confess to the crime, based on the testimony of the people involved and the collected evidence, there were enough grounds to affirm that Nguyen Thi Diem Huong. committed the offence. After considering all relevant circumstances, the People’s Court of Long Bien District decided to sentence Nguyen Thi Diem Huong to 18 months in prison for the crime of “Brokerage of prostitution”.(Name of person involved has changed) According to Minh Long – Security capital The online sex industry of Western girls Throughout the West, from Long An to Cao Lanh, Rach Gia – Phu Quoc .., the sex industry of Western girls has been growing and spreading soundly. In many localities, due to the high demand for entertainment and enjoyment, Western girls are becoming more and more permissive and open to sex. Most of the prostitutes in Saigon + VN are now women. Western girl. 1.5 million VND / turn, “tu Ong” Ta Ngoc Nam (born in 1975, residing in District 3) only pays prostitutes… 350,000 VND, the rest of the “centipedes” in this line eat all. This is information discovered by the Police of District 3 of Ho Chi Minh City after discovering and dismantling a prostitution brokerage line on March 7. Initial records identified, Nam worked as a security guard for a tea room in District 3. During his work, Nam knew many people who were willing to spend millions to buy sex with young, beautiful girls. Therefore, Nam established 4 other “centipedes” to recruit and recruit girls from the West to Ho Chi Minh City to sell sex. It was this deviant thought that made KA, in a moment of indulgence, post her information on Zorpia (illustration) Not only are the girls uneducated, KA, a girl studying at the University of Economics, is smart and beautiful. . But as KA lamented: “What if you’re beautiful but poor, what do you do when you graduate from school and get a job…”. It was this deviant thinking that caused KA, in a moment of indulgence, to post her information on Zorpia: Caucasian. cute. 3rd year student, currently living in District 3. Cheerful, sociable. Hobbies: adventure, freedom, dislikes constraints. Find male friends regardless of age. Request to respect individual privacy. Looking forward to getting to know you guys who want to make friends. Contact: nkasg2013


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